Translation: Man Who Crashed Into Japanese Embassy Sentenced

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This is my attempt to translate an article posted on NHK NEWSweb. The original page is: 日本大使館に突入した男 有罪.

This July, a Korean man broke part of the gate to the Japanese embassy in Seoul with a truck. In a Seoul court on September 5th, he was sentenced to a year in prison with 2 years probation. The court stated that "violence against a foreign official residence can't go without strict punishment."

The incident in question took place in July, when the self-employed 62 year-old Kim Chang Geun drove a car bearing the slogan "Dokdo Is Korea's Land" into the embassy and broke part of the entrance.

In the trial, the defense met the prosecution's demand for one year of imprisonment by claiming that the motive for the crime was to protest a message claiming that "Takeshima is Japan's land," which had been installed next to a bronze "comfort woman" statue in front of the Japanese embassy, and therefore Kim should be found innocent.

The Seoul court's September 5th decision indicated that they "could not agree that it is justified", and further stated that "since failing to treat international law specially could result in copycat crimes against foreign missions, it would be unacceptable to not give a strict punishment." The court thusly sentenced him to two years probation after one year in prison.

"It's an extremely regretful ruling," said Kim's legal counsel in response to the sentence. "After discussion, we've decided to appeal."

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