Translation: Thermæ Romæ and Space Brothers Crossover

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This is a translation of an article posted on The original title is 『テルマエ・ロマエ』と『宇宙兄弟』がマンガのおもしろさ、楽しさを訴えたタイアップを実施

The popular comics Thermæ Romæ (published by Enterbrain) and Space Brothers (published by Kodansha) will have a crossover campaign. To appeal to the fun, interesting tone of the comics, an PR illustration was released of Thermæ Romæ's character Lucius dressed in astronaut clothing, and Space Brothers' character Mutta in a toga. Starting September 25, bookstores across Japan will offer the posters at their checkouts, and about 10 stores will display extra-large 180cm versions.


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